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Although a fairly short game, Calsoon boasts good graphics and a fun storyline

  • Genre: Adventure

Zelda Forever

Zelda Forever combines many familiar elements of the original series with new, simple game play in colorful graphics. Join Link in his quest to once again save Princess Zelda as you wind through a map of various levels requiring multiple strategies.

  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
  • Tags: Adventure Games, Free, Puzzles Games, Zelda, Zelda Forever

Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure 3

Join classic SEGA characters Sonic, Knuckles and Tails as they race through eight levels of ring-catching fun to stop Metal Sonic from destroying the planet.

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Tags: Free, Sonic, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog Adventure 3

Mario Online

Take Mario's side in a bet against Luigi that he can defeat more of Bowser's army than his brother! Use the many weapons given to you by Toad and attempt to wipe the screen clean as waves of familiar enemies try to take your lives.

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Tags: Free, Mario, Mario Online, Softendo


Voodoo is a great 3D adventure game. Protect the voodoo from its disbelievers!

  • Genre: Adventure


Remember Doom and how fun it was? Can you imagine how fun it is as a text-based game?

  • Genre: Adventure

Calsoon 2

An epic sequel to the much loved Calsoon 1

  • Genre: Adventure

Alice Amazed

Help Alice out of a maze in this fantastic game made for the OneSwitch competition.

  • Genre: Adventure

Within A Deep Forest

Before Knytt and before Knytt Stories, Nifflas gave the world Within A Deep Forest.

  • Genre: Adventure

Knytt Nano

A mini game set in the world of Knytt - which is mini in more ways than one.

  • Genre: Adventure