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Grow larger as you collect friendly bubbles while avoiding the bad ones.

  • Genre: Arcade

Mario Games 1.0

Mario Games 1.0 is a simple platformer in which you, as Mario, seek to achieve high scores by stomping gumbas, Koopa shells and collecting coins. If your score is high enough, you have the option of posting it to Softendo's leader boards online. Use unique strategies through three levels to rack up points.

  • Genre: Arcade, Other
  • Tags: Free, Mario

Mario Forever: Block Party

Mario Forever: Block Party is a vibrant platformer that offers increasingly difficult levels of puzzle game play. Join Mario in the fight against Bowser and Kamek as they try to destroy the world in order to build a new evil empire.

  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
  • Tags: Adventure Games, Free, Mario, Mario Forever, Mario Forever: Block Party, Puzzle Games

Final Duel

Spaceship battling game

  • Genre: Arcade

Pac pc

Excellent Pacman remake

  • Genre: Arcade

DDCK Myth of Creation

You are a god.

  • Genre: Other

Infernal Contractor II

Infernal Contractor is easily one of the least conventional games on this site as it is in an “Office Simulation “ category.

  • Genre: Simulation

Worms Arena

Race your 3D worm against four opponents around the floor collecting items for the highest score.

  • Genre: Arcade

B-Jigsaw Christmas Edition

It’s a well made puzzle game with a great Christmas feel. Although having only one puzzle is a bit of a down side.

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Tags: Christmas, Jigsaw


a mildly entertaining, high quality freeware game

  • Genre: Arcade