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Asteroid Defender Download

  • Developer: Foolish Games
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Asteroid Defender

A fairly middle-of-the-road Asteroids clone, featuring updated graphics and sound.

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  • Gohst

    Have you ever played the classic Atari video game, Asteroids? If not, then you need a good reason why. It was released in 1979 and spawned three official sequels and a host of imitators, not to mention freeware remakes.

    Asteroid Defender falls into the category of a free remake (hence why its here) and the gameplay is, surprisingly, similar to the original, though it does differ in a few ways. If you haven’t managed to download one of the other versions which have appeared here, then you probably should. Asteroid Defenders is, despite its updated graphics, just not all that good.

    The ship moves fairly sluggishly in this version and aiming is difficult at the best of times. You can mysteriously “re-spawn” inside an asteroid, which will kill you immediately. The evil space ship is far too intelligent and ruthless. On top of it all, the ship you pilot slows down and stops very easily, removing the eternal wrap-around deep space feeling of the original.

    Even though this remake does contain fairly decent graphics and is not at all a large download, it’s simply not worth the time. The sluggish controls and the too loud and out of place sounds are just too distracting. If you desperately need to play an Asteroids clone, you can do a lot better than this one. Seriously. This one is for the completist only, if one needs to play every clone ever made, then try it once and move on.

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