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Banshee Frogger Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Banshee Frogger

A frogger game with two twists - its in 3D and you are looking from the frogs point of view.

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  • Gohst

    Banshee Frogger is an interesting twist on the old Frogger franchise – this time instead of taking a third person view and controlling the little frog, you take a first person view and see life through the eyes of a frog trying to cross a busy highway and stream.

    The game is great in beautiful 3D, the logs and cars not to mention trees are all superb and look fantastic. Somehow they’re menacingly large when seeing them through the frog’s eyes and that adds an importance to the game, an urgency to get across the highway.

    Unfortunately though it’s hard to get across, because, as you can only see from the frog’s point of view, you have to continuously look left and right to check for cars, and because cars are coming at you, it’s more than likely you won’t survive. So basically the highway part is a mad dash across the road hoping for a clean break. The logs are hard too because you have to land perfectly on them and it’s just frustrating.

    The music is pretty nice and the sounds are very effective in conveying what it would be like as a frog to cross the highway. At least it feels like it, anyway.

    So in all it’s a cool Frogger game, in 3D which is a difference although it is very hard to tell what’s happening and that’s just a pain. Play it if you like, it is interesting to see it in 3D at least.

  • NoN

    at first this game looks and feels, quite true to the original

    graphics are sweet, they really capture the old skool frogger we all know and love and are customizable if you feel the need to re-skin everything


    as gohst mentions, the fov's far too low for you to be able to see oncoming traffic (I'd suggest more like 150-180 degrees) which would make this game almost impossible IF YOU COULDN'T FLY

    call me a purist but.. when did frogger ever fly!?

    this game's got potential, but needs some minor, yet serious adjustments

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