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Bubble Blower Download

  • Developer: Spam
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Bubble Blower

An interesting and unique colour matching race against time... featuring bubbles.

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  • Gohst

    Unique games are hard to come across. When they do turn up, for example The Crowd, it’s really hard to decide what to make of it. If handled right, however, the unique idea can be marvelled at for its simplicity and amazed at for not having been seen before.

    Bubble Blower, from Spam & Cheese, is one of those games. As the title suggests, there are bubbles in this game. There are red ones, blue ones and even yellow ones. The idea is that with your fan, you blow the bubbles together. Red goes with red, etc., bubbles with the number 1 are the smallest and need to be built upon. Bubbles with 2 are nearly full and when they reach 3 (by joining a 1 and 2 together, strangely enough) they explode.

    Although the game seems and plays very simple, there are a few bizarre and wonderful additions which make the game exceptional. For example, the “timer” is a rising water level. When it reaches the half-way mark on the screen, its game over. Large bubbles are heavy and will drop into the water, which increases its height faster. The larger the bubble, for example a 2 bubble, when joined with another 2 bubble of the same colour will cause it to explode. Bubbles within a certain radius will “number up,” if one of these happens to be a 2 bubble already, it will also explode, causing chain reactions.

    There are further nuances to be found within the game and detailing them all here will only make for a lengthy and uninteresting review. As for my opinion of the game, I think it’s fantastically original and worth revisiting a great many times over again. I know I will be playing it again, and soon. Please enjoy Bubble Blower, a unique and interesting game.

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