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Burgerland Download

  • Developer: Momor Productions
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A solid remake of a decent retro game - it just lacks the variety to make it very rewarding for the player.

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  • Moshboy

    Burgerland is a remake of sorts of the classic retro game, Burger Time and it is a 3d remake to boot. For anyone who hasn’t played Burger Time, it goes a little something like this: your hero is a chef and it is his job to make giant burgers. How does he do this? He does it by climbing ladders and walking across platforms, which are holding the various parts of the burgers up. Once he has walked all the way across the various platforms, the pieces of burger will fall down to the next platform. This process must be repeated until the burgers are finished. Sounds easy right? Wrong. To make thing more difficult, you must avoid various enemies in the process of making the burgers. As the levels progress the amount of burgers to make increases and the level design gets more complicated.

    The graphics are actually quite decent (in an odd retro kind of way), although possibly somewhat underdeveloped. Nonetheless they do enhance the game play, even if only by a little bit. The sound is nothing spectacular, with an average soundtrack and sound effects. They neither make the game better or worse. They exist and it probably wouldn’t make an awful lot of difference if they didn’t.

    The game play is what counts however, and while it is basically faithful to the original game, it is unlikely to sustain your interest for a very long period of time. That isn’t to say that the game isn’t fun – it just doesn’t give a lot of variety. The levels get larger and more complex as the game moves on, but aside from this nothing else changes – the backgrounds stay the same, the enemies stay the same and the bonuses stay the same. Hence there is little reward for your efforts on some of the harder levels.

    It’s still a solid remake – maybe they could have tried to expand on the game play of the original though.

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