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Crystal Chaos Download

  • Developer: Orange Camel
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Crystal Chaos

In this game you control a bubble ship and it is up to you to collect as many crystals as you can while avoiding the robot enemies that appear at either end of the playing screen.

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  • Pixie

    Like other Orange Camel games, Crystal Chaos is not for the easily frustrated. In Crystal Chaos you control a bubble-like ship and it is up to you to collect as many crystals as you can while avoiding the enemy robots that appear at either end of the playing screen. Sound easy? Well it's not. This game involves incredibly fine mouse maneuvering skills if you want to stay in control of your ship. That said, Crystal Chaos can be an entertaining game to play, once you've mastered the difficult mouse controls.

    The graphics are nothing to shout about, but they are adequate.

    The only sound in the game is the sound of your enemies exploding as they fall under your rain of bullets and the explosion you make as you crash and burn. The sound too is limited but adequate.

    Size wise, this game is not very big, which makes it great for all 56k'er and impatient gamers out there.

    So to sum things up, this game is not the greatest, but it should keep you amused while the coffee brews. But don't complain to us in frustration, I did warn you.

  • Adam Box

    It's not worth it. No music, minimal crummy repetitive sounds get on your nerves very very quickly. The game play is bland and unmotivational. You play with the mouse (which has inertia on it) and you fly a round thing trying to avoid other shaped things. In later levels some of the bad robots drop bombs you have to avoid.

    Problem is they are dropped so frequently you can only just squeeze through them. But that is if there is not other bombs around, or not including the ones dropped by other space ships. On top of that there are other robots trying to get you aswell. You can shoot but only in the direction you are travelling. So every shot fired is an excersize in getting killed again.

    This game is difficult, annoying, bland and uninteresting. It's a small download so try it if you dare, it has entertainment value for a very very short amount of time so give it a go if you feel like it. But most likely you will be fairly dissapointed if you're looking for a fun or interesting game here.

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