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Deathstar 150 Download

  • Developer: x2 productions
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Deathstar 150

For a game coded in less than 150 lines - this is pretty decent. Don't expect it to be packed with features though.

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  • Moshboy

    Deathstar 150, as you may have guessed, is based on the trench run from the original Star Wars movie. It was created for a competition that required the authors to use less than 150 lines of code, hence the title. Although it may look quite nice at first, there is a lot less to this game than there is to the trench run in the movie. The only element of play that this game involves is using your mouse to help your ship avoid walls that get in your way, while moving up the trench. Did I mention this game is 3d? Well now you know.

    There aren’t an awful lot of good points to this game – as stated above, it looks nice enough. It uses some movie footage and speech samples taken directly from the movie, which is a nice touch. But far too many elements in this game just don’t make sense. For example, you have the ability to shoot but there are no enemies on your tail or anywhere in the game. Aside from the very last bit of the trench (and I’m not even sure that the gun is needed there either), what is the point of even including the shooting function? It seems to serve little or no purpose.

    With that 150 line limitation in mind, my above review can be considered quite harsh, hence my percentage may be higher than what this review seems to say about the game. Based on the limitation alone, the game is actually quite well done. It is just a pity they couldn’t have recoded it afterwards with more features and richer content.

    I can’t honestly recommend this game, purely because it lacks anything to hold the player’s interest for a long period of time and aside from this it is far too short. By all means though – at least give it a look. It deserves that much.

  • Erathoniel Woodenbow

    Hard game, but extremely short. More of a feat of programing (150-lines) than a game, but good for a game its' length.

    A must have for Star-Wars fans! I think it's worth the 15 megabytes it takes up!

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