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Filaxoid Download

  • Developer: Agnisola Philppe
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Great game play and awesome graphics stop this from being just another Break Out clone.

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  • Gohst

    Filaxoid is yet another one of those games which fits in to the ever popular breaking rectangle with a ball is fun when you bounce it category. Fortunately this one has some elements that lifts it above the rut that most games of this type sadly fall into.

    The graphics in this game are none short of being really, really cool when you break a brick it doesn’t simply vanish, it wipes off to the side. It’s hard to explain but when it does it, it looks really nice. Some of the subtleties in this game are a stroke of brilliance. Take for example the glare off the ball as it passes the bricks on the field or the boulders on either side. That’s a great touch. The graphics here are great, really.

    The game play is great too. If you have something nice to look at, you want to play it longer, that’s certainly true here. The only drawback is the boulder walls are difficult to tell when they’re actually wall or not and the paddle – three seashells is the strangest choice I could think of.

    The music and sounds are both nice and add to the overall mood of the game.

    All in all it's a cool addition to the genre and should be enjoyed by many fans.

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