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Fluffy's Adventure Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Fluffy's Adventure

Words, no matter how carefully chosen, cannot aptly convey the absolute awfulness of this game.

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  • Gohst

    This game is awful. Unfortunately, someone spent time making it, so the least I can do, in all fairness, is write about it. Unfortunately the creator (who seems to have wisely chosen to remain anonymous) didn't extend the same courtesy to me by making a playable game.

    Avoiding the obviously horrific graphics and disturbingly chaotic - if at all existent - story line, the game is in every way awful. For example, in one level there are mysteriously and unexplainedly two of you. You control both, but the second is gone in the next level, never to return again.

    The game's only good point is that it doesn't last long. The memories of playing the game will last a lifetime. Take the boss levels for example - these bosses are pretty big, I'll give you that. But they don't do anything. They don't attack you and you can avoid them completely anyway and get on with the game.

    You get points for killing things, but there are no lives so your score could become infinitely huge. If you die on a level, your score is not reset, it becomes accumulative. Towards the end of the farce, you even lose control of the character who completes the last three or so screens without your input. From there, the game doesn't end, you have to manually exit it yourself.

    Don't forget to find the warp portal, which is explained by pressing F1 (where you also get the stomach churningly bad pre-story) but the sad thing is, this mystical rumoured about warp portal is a bug. It doesn't work and forces the game to close. Quite fitting really, a catastrophic bonus... please, if you haven't got the jist of this review, allow me to sum it up: This game is bad. Do not play it.

  • Anonymous

    This game is great. I remember playing it as a kid on our old Mac, and it doesn't disappoint.

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