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Go Piggo Go! Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Go Piggo Go!

A side-scroller with awesome graphics and gameplay. You control a pig on ice skates trying to cross a frozen lake.

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  • Zero

    Go Piggo Go! Is a really well made side-scrolling platformer. It's much like every other side-scroller out there. There you must get from one side of the level to other collecting as much points as possible while avoiding obstacles in the way.

    You control a little pig on ice skates and must get across a frozen lake. There will be trees, piles of snow, bottles and a lot of other objects in your way. You can skate around them or try and jump over them. All the pickups on the levels seem to be for score.

    The graphics and game play are this game's awesome features. Your pig character looks amazing. Controlling him is smooth and effortless. The only flaw I noticed in the game is falling down sets you into a state of slow motion. This can get annoying when you're falling down every 10 seconds.

    It can be quite hard to avoid the obstacles because every object on the lake has a reflection, which can make seeing them difficult.

    Go Piggo Go! is written in German but that doesn't matter because you shouldn't need instructions.

  • Chloe

    Go, Piggo, Go! is pretty much like any basic sidescroller when it comes to gameplay. What really sets it apart are the 3-D graphics and unusual attention to detail, such as the reflections in the frozen pond, the snow constantly floating past you, and the winter sunset background behind the frozen river.

    A downside to Piggo is that it's completely in German. The music is fairly uninteresting, it's more there to set a mood than anything else. Piggo gets cuteness points though, just for that awesome pig and the rabbits and birds he gets to brutally run over with his ice skates. Oh, and running over the wine bottles makes him drunk- he hiccups and the up arrow key makes him go down and the down arrow key makes him go up. That's something I found amusing.

  • Xwix

    Hmm it's not bad and the graphics are nice, but the steering is poor and the sound is boring.

    You can never see whether you will chrash or not - thats very bad on it. You should be able to send your highscores to the internet, but that doesn't work.

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