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Inside the Beast Download

  • Developer: ots software
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Inside the Beast

Nice looking but ultimately short and shallow first person shooter. Not highly recommended.

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  • Moshboy

    Inside the Beast is a nice looking first person shooter that is not only far too short on depth, but also length. As the name suggests, you are trapped inside the beast and it is your mission to get out (which unfortunately takes only one level to do). You achieve your mission by running around extremely similar looking tunnels, fighting off various evil creatures such as ghouls and ghosts with a crossbow and unlimited ammo.

    The graphics are actually quite unique and pretty looking, although the uniqueness wears off mighty fast after the first couple of times you play the game. Every single tunnel looks identical. The enemies look decent, although as expected, the A. I. amounts to little more than the creatures making a B line for you, stopping, shooting and coming closer.

    The sound is average. The soundtrack is repetitive but thankfully not particularly annoying and the sound effects for the enemies are above average. The soundtrack seems to drown them out for the most part.

    The game play is also pretty average. It seems to have potential but ultimately you run around shooting your crossbow, blowing away the evil creatures and trying to find your way to the end of the one and only level that the game has. At first it might seem a little hard but once you get the hang of what little the game has to offer, it won’t take you long at all to finish this. More weapons, enemies, levels and a variety of environment would have improved the game immensely.

    I wouldn’t highly recommend this, purely because it only has one level and doesn’t offer a much of a challenge.

  • GhostRider

    This game is a very nice. It is short but provides difficulties enough to make it challenging. Good graphics and sound.

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