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  • Developer: Dessgeega
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

An interesting concept which, quickly, but unfortunately, becomes quite stale.

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  • Rezsnore and daphny

    Invader is a very unique fusion of the gameplay of Metroid, and that of a horizontal shooter such as Gradius or R-Type. Though it's first off-putting that it's impossible to fire vertically (though the ability can be unlocked), this is an integral part of the gameplay, and it soon becomes second nature!

    In the game, you play Sammy the Invader (from Space Invaders, no less), who was shot down in battle and crashed on an unknown planet. Trapped underground, she must navigate a large, hostile environment and escape.

    Gameplay revolves around flying about the labyrinth world, avoiding barrages of enemy fire and shooting bad guys. The flow of the game world is marvellous, harking to the design philosophies of classic 2D games. It gives the impression of a huge world, but in actuality, it's very focused.

    Each of the linked rooms has clearly been carefully designed, none too frustrating yet feature enough ramping challenge and variety throughout the game to keep the player interested, even if some of the later rooms are nuts! The enemy design also matches the game mechanics almost perfectly. The designer of this game clearly paid attention to the Gods and Goddesses of design, such as Mr. Miyamoto.

    Without a doubt, the best part of this game is the final battle. I don't wish to spoil it here, but it’s simply one of the cleverest final encounters ever; a brilliant reversal of a classic videogame scenario and it's more than worth playing through the entire game to see it. Trust me!

    Any complaints would be nitpicks. For example, the transition effects between each screen get a little tiresome.

    The game comes complete with very charming visuals and an infectious soundtrack. To top it all off, it’s the perfect length. Lasts long enough to get our fill, and ends just before it begins to overstay its welcome. So don’t be put off with the lack of vertical shooting; become one with the ability available to you instead.

    Most certainly worth the download, check it out today!

  • Gohst

    Ever wondered what happens to the invaders that you shoot down during a game of Space Invaders? Well, the creators of "Invader" did - and apparently they land in labyrinth maze-like caves where robotic angels try to shoot them.

    One such invader (that's you) is stuck in said cave - fortunately you have two guns. Unfortunately they either shoot directly left or directly right. Not up, not down, not even at a tiny angle. Fortunately your enemies aren't bright enough to avoid the path of your bullets, so shooting them is fairly easy.

    Like most things in the game, well shooting is the only thing in the game, and that's easy. Everything else, by comparison, is insultingly unchallenging. Whoever built this maze (and for whatever purpose) didn't do a very good job of it. Strange corridors and pathways - which look traversable - are in fact huge dead ends. You'll have to turn back, retrace every one of your steps then find a path you haven't been down. It's frustration intensified by the "wipes" between EVERY scene, which ruins any flow the game has and makes short trips mind numbingly monotonous.

    The impression I got was that it is a huge game. The problem with that is, there's nothing to do. You have unlimited lives, and you start from the same screen you died on. No segment is challenging, it just becomes endurance - see how long it takes to overcome this obstacle. And usually its pretty quick, the obstacles aren't difficult. The difficult part is staying with the game to see if there is any worthy outcome. I couldn't do it. Perhaps you can. Good luck to you, if you try.

  • Harveyjames

    I'm slightly biased as I am friends with the person who made this game, but I think the original reviewer of this game dismissed Invader in far too offhand a manner. It's a clever and focused piece of work, and the stage design is consistently inventive within its deliberately limited parameters. Describing this game in such hi-faluting terms probably makes me sound like something of a ponce, and if that puts you off what I'm saying then this game probably isn't for you anyway. Bye!

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