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  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A Space Invaders game where you control your ship with the mouse and destroy the enemy planes.

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  • Gohst

    Invasion is a Space Invaders clone, if you didn’t guess already, and this time, it’s a fairly lack lustre adaptation of it.

    The graphics are not too exciting. The ship is alright and the laser is alright and the aliens are alright but that’s it. They’re all alright. Not remarkable or noteworthy, just, well, pretty bland actually. After the first few waves of aliens you begin to notice a striking similarity between the waves of alien ships. They’re all almost identical.

    The game play is about as repetitive as the graphics. You play with the mouse and just zip left and right holding down the fire button. After a few levels of this, it gets repetitive and quite uninteresting.

    The music is pretty dull, actually. And when it has to repeat itself, there is an awkward pause which is very off putting to the game play. The sounds of lasers firing and ships exploding gets dull too.

    So in all, it’s a pretty uninteresting Space Invaders game, where using the mouse is the only interesting point in the game but it doesn’t save it from being mediocre.

  • Pedro

    Repetitive both graphically and in terms of gameplay, this game can be won thus: keep your ship in the middle, wait 'til the aliens come, zap them, and when there's about five of the buggers left, move sideways and zap them. Repeat as necessary. You're done.

    To be honest, I played about three more levels of this game than I wanted to, because I just couldn't stop. But at around level 9 it got boring. and I don't think I'll ever play again, except on a quick break.

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