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Jumper Two Download

  • Developer: Matt Thorson
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Jumper Two

Remember Ogmo? The little red square that could jump? He’s back and this time, it’s a sequel.

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  • Gohst

    I remember Jumper! from when I first started here at Acid-Play back in 2005. It was one of the first games I ever reviewed – in fact, out of all the games I’ve done it was just the tenth review that ever appeared here. Even though its long been gone from my hard drive and the computer I first played it on has since then barely survived a flood and is now half a country away, I still think of it when the term “platform game” comes around.

    If you didn’t have a chance to play it those many moons ago, let me give you the run down. A mistake in a laboratory created Ogmo. A strange shapey thing which has the ability to jump. Its other abilities? To die, mainly. Which is good, because it's going to get very, very versed in the latter. Trust me.

    This sequel takes our perpetually jumping hero out of the lab and into the wild blue yonder. With his new abilities, he’ll scale walls, double jump and skid-jump (also fall down holes, into spikes and death by laser beam) many, many times. Hysterically addicting and violently difficult, you will swear to stop playing after every death and you’ll swear just one more try after every death. It’s contagious game play at its best. Play it at your own risk, just be sure that you won’t put it down.

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