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Lost in the Static Download

  • Developer: SilverSpaceShip
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Lost in the Static

A black and white platform game which takes place on the “static” channel of your TV.

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  • Gohst

    Most platform games, let’s face it, are getting a little stale. Will something ever come around which doesn’t look like Mario? Something… different. But yet, it has to be familiar. How about a game where the hero, the walls, the lava, any enemies and their bullets are made of that fuzzy static from when your TV is on the wrong station. That’s right. Everything in this game is made from stuff which all looks the same.

    Call it what you will, static, fuzz, noise, or as a friend of mine in primary school once called it, the Chinese rice fights… none the less, its all the same junk. Its your telly and its on the fritz. Who you gonna call? How about Static man. He is trapped in a static world inhabited by static asterixes, static lava and other sorts of dastardly static evils which will attempt to “fshh” him out of existence.

    The hardest part, I found, was not trying to see what’s what, its that some platforms or walls or pylons, etc. they look like they should kill you (or not) and they do the opposite of what you expect. The game has no life system so you won’t face that mistake twice on the same screen, but its still a nuisance. The music is nice enough and the game relatively short on length – its about half hour or less. But this isn’t a game built for longevity, its for the point of it. And that works out well. I liked it, and you probably will too, if you’re a bit of a weirdo. Go ahead and see what the fuzz its about.

  • Darkehorse

    This is an interesting experiment. The sound and music mix well with the static theme. Controls are too difficult IMHO. Given that fact, and the strain on the eyes, I'm not sure why you'd ever play this past seeing how the visuals are accomplished.

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