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Masashikun Hi! Download

  • Developer: ABA Games
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Masashikun Hi!

This is a collection of five mini games which combine simplicity with originality.

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  • Gohst

    Masashikun Hi! is a great collection of games from Japan which looks like a stack of blueprints rather than games, but never-the-less have a very addictive charm about them.

    The game consists of a main game “Masashi” (or “Masashikun”) which itself is divided into five separate games, all fully playable as separate games. These are Kakenukero, Tobibako, Oooka, Hitonage and Fire. At this point, I should say the entire game is written in Japanese though no understanding of the language is needed. They’re easy enough to pick up and play, though here is a brief run down of what you have to do in the five games.

    Kakenukero is a running game, where you are given a long track to race over which occasionally has bumps or sharp divots in the track which slow you down. Jumping at the right time will let you avoid slowing too greatly.

    Tobibako is a jumping game where the object is to pick up as much speed as possible and then jump at the right time in order to spring-board to great heights. Though you must select the right time in the air to put a capping stone on top of a building and then slide across it, or you fall and get no points.

    Oooka is a tug-o-war game where you are against an opponent and are trying to pull a man across to your side of the flags. You stretch your body then tug to gain ground faster.

    Hitonage is a throwing game, similar to shot-put where you spin a man and must throw him off a cliff. Using speed and angle, you can gain great distance.

    Fire is a game where the ground is on fire and you run off a cliff into a safety net. The longer you bounce in the net, the more points you get.

    The game of “Masashi” combines all five of these games so that you can play them and get an overall high score for that.

    In all, the variety and originality of the games combined with the great simplistic graphics makes for an all ‘round enjoyable game which should provide a great deal of entertainment for any age group.

  • Mik-O

    Very nice blend of fun and simplicity. No Japanese language knowledge required.

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