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Megamanie2 Download

  • Developer: Jochen Kärcher
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

You are given the task of destroying the hordes of enemy planes which are swarming towards you.

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  • Gohst

    In this game, which is similar to Space Invaders, you are given the task, believe it or not, of blowing up lots and lots of aliens from the comfort of your space ship.

    The graphics are alright in this game. They’re actually 3D, well imitation 3D at least, but sadly it's difficult to tell because the action is too fast to really notice.

    Which brings me to the action part. There is a strange occurrence in this game, I call it “Bullet Bending” but its real name is probably something derogatory. You see, if you shoot a bullet, say at an enemy, and then move, say to avoid a bullet, then your own bullet will move with you (to the left or right) and will miss your intended target, or hit a completely different one. Needless to say this becomes quite frustrating after not long.

    The music is alright and the sounds are mildly annoying, so basically if you don’t like them you can just turn your speakers off or ignore it. There’s no real loss.

    So in all, it's a strange little game which could have been better than it is and unfortunately fails.

  • Pouvoures

    When I saw the name of this game, I thought it might be a clone of Steve Cartwright's game Megamania ( ). There actually is a small resemblance, but it lacks the interesting theme of the original and there's no fuel gauge, making the result somewhat boring.

    The feature the original reviewer called "bullet bending" was always called "guided missile" in Megamania and other old school games--once you get used to steering your shots instead of aiming them you can do a lot more damage than with regular shots. However, if you insist on regular shots, this version includes them as well: just hit the key.

    If you were any good at Megamania, you can defeat this entire game in 10 or 15 minutes, and instead of repeating with harder levels it just ends. Yawn.

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