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MultiHero Download

  • Developer: mhman
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Featuring your favourite characters and pitting them against each other, MultiHero is a unique fighter.

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  • Anonymous

    This is the best game on the site, hands down. It has an instant appeal with great sound effects (although some are stolen), great music, and great characters. Although the versus mode is extremely entertaining (think Super Smash Bros. with retro graphics), the real fun lies in the adventure mode. 40 stages of platforming and fighting, in tons of different environments and many different bosses. As you keep playing, you'll unlock different characters. This game seriously has no problems and it disappoints me it has such a low score of 6.7. The controls are actually very good, I'm not sure why the original review had such gripes with them. This game is a MUST DOWNLOAD. The only reason it got such a low score is probably due to its insane difficulty. It isn't quite I Wanna Be The Guy difficulty, but it is in a league of its own when it comes to challenge. Although it is usually just good old hard levels, enemies, and bosses, there are some asinine challenge parts. The no air special is an extremely annoying level along with the one level where you are forced to kick a can across a screen until you go to the switch. The most annoying level that comes to my head though and will probably stick with me until the day I die is the level set in Egypt. You eventually come across a chamber with a rotating buzzsaw going around the room and three difficult enemies. After you defeat them a giant set spikes come down and you are pinned; you can't escape without going into them. However, what seems like a wall behind you isn't; if you jump into it you can walk right through it! It took me forever to figure that out. There are so many annoying levels I can't be irked to go through them all. I was very close to beating this game until my computer crashed! I was more than half way through, probably only level 28, 29, or 30. I don't really remember. The author has abandoned working on this project though so it's unlikely we are going to see more characters be added unless someone else decides to do it. Once I finish the game I am definitely planning on posting a guide on how to beat all the levels, along with a video demonstration of each. This game had me entertained for about six months... the only reason I stopped playing is because my computer crashed, wiping out all my progress. If you aren't afraid of becoming addicted to a game, download this right now. You will not be able to stop playing.

    EDIT: My bad, the author didn't abandon the game. He is still working on it! Fantastic news!

  • Gohst

    Although I only had the chance to play single player mode, what I saw was one of the longest games of its type around. There has to be at least forty levels, some more diabolically evil than others and some with enemies of greater difficulty. Though, the difficult stages are worth it to see Mario come to the rescue and start beating up a Ninja.

    The graphics are homage-quality, which means pixelated but you know what they are. These type of graphics are fine with me and suit the game perfectly, where the focus is clearly on the action rather than the spectacle.

    The only real drawback is the controls. They seem to have been designed by… a monkey-octopus hybrid, with even the most simple instruction requiring multiple button pushes. To jump higher, you press jump, then jump again and the special button. Just pay attention, because if you are pressing anything except up, you will shoot a bullet instead of jumping higher. Quibbles aside, practice does make perfect and the game is incredibly long when you master how to get there.

    Essentially this is a unique game. Hardly any of its type would come near it in terms of length, not to mention the volume of recognizable faces in the game. Sure, its tough, but is it worth the effort? The answer to that question is a resounding ‘heck yes.’ – download MultiHero today.

  • KidBlaze98

    This game has an adventure game mode that can get pretty hard, but also very fun. It has also multi player mode where you can fight against the computer or your friends. If love 2d platform and fighting games, you must download this game!

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