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No Gravity Download

  • Developer: realtech VR
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
No Gravity

An absolutely hands-down amazing game. If you have the means to download this, get it now.

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  • Gohst

    Usually, I'm not one for first-person 3D games. Actually, that's a lie. What I mean is, 3D first-person games set in space. Usually they're clunky, confusing and I try to fly to one of the planets, but can't and give up. No Gravity is the exception. I am amazed by this game, absolutely, totally gobsmacked by how awesome this truly is.

    It's a 3D first person shooter set in space (duh) with amazing graphics, not too complicated gameplay and very, very easy to learn controls. In the five simple tutorial levels you are taught everything you need to know: Shoot and fly with the mouse, use your 3D radar with [R], warp to different sectors with [Q] (although A warped for me, but Q didn't) and some other little tricks.

    Then you are sent on your first mission. "This isn't training any more" says the instructions and they're right. In the first level, you'll warp, shoot and finally encounter enemies and things just get more interesting from there.

    At first, it seemed overwhelming, but I became very quickly impressed by the way the game gives you what you need to play. It's very simple to pick up and proves to be a quite enjoyable beast. The graphics are second to none, the gameplay is amazing, the sounds are all suited immaculately. Yes, it's quite a hefty download, but it is worth the time it will take. Don't miss out on this amazing game.

  • Ttony21

    It's extremely repetitive. I feel like every level is the exact same thing, shooting a bunch of mindless ships and mines.

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