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Ocean Mix Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Ocean Mix

Ocean Mix is a side-scrolling shooter where your character is a little flying girl on a broom stick.

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  • Zero

    Ocean mix is very similar to other side scrolling shooters such as Parity Shot and Mentaris 2. It is a side-scrolling shooter where your character is a little flying girl on a broom stick.

    One thing I don't understand is, you are flying around in the sky but the enemies that are flying towards you are fish, sharks, jelly fish, crabs and other sea creatures. Besides this oddity it's still a decent game to play.

    There is no health bar in Ocean Mix. Only a time limit. The faster you get to the next point in the level, the more time you will receive and every time a enemy hits you, you will lose time.

    There are massive beach balls flying around. If you shoot one, it will create a line from where you first hit it. The ball will then keep bouncing around the screen, while tied to this line. As long as you keep shooting it, you will keep getting score. If it touches an enemy they will be destroyed, but it will also take health from you if you touch it.

    The graphics are a bit blocky but the sound effects are good and sort of cute.

  • Adam Box

    This game is beserk! If you have heart problems, stay away. But if you love fast past wild action shoot 'em up action against flying sharks and beach balls on string, you'll love this game.

    Basically you play as a little person whizzing through the air, then squids and things start heading towards you and you can shoot them. Basically it's like every other side-scrolling shoot 'em up game ever made, but its fun and frantic and it doesn't make much sense really but hey, if a good game made sense, my name is Odgla Bodzowski, and thank goodness its not!

    So, in conclusion, try this game, it's only a small download so theres really nothing to lose here.

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