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The Pokora of the Strange Forest Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The Pokora of the Strange Forest

A great game which blends fun graphics and great game play to make an all ‘round fantastic game.

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  • Gohst

    In this zany but fun game from Japan, you play a school girl who has to stop weird things from stealing her nuts, which grow underground, like beetroots, by the looks of it.

    First off, let me talk about the graphics. It’s extremely rare that I am disappointed by graphics in a game from Japan. This one is another absolutely flawless game, graphics wise, from Japan, absolutely. Everything down to the smallest, tiniest detail has obviously been planned just like a retail game would and what you have is a game which is absolutely stunning to look at.

    Not only, though, is it stunning to look at, but it’s also stunning to play. It’s incredibly refreshing from all of the other generic games which come out all the time, especially the remakes. This game is really fun and really original, basically it consists of you, a small girl, running at break-neck speeds to catch strange things which dig up your nut patches. There are other variations though, each quite interesting.

    The music and sounds blend perfectly with both the game play and graphics to create a fantastic and distinct style to the game. There is nothing not to like.

    So, in closing, if you like games that are simple, fun and original, then I suggest you play this game; it’s all three of those things and more.

  • Billop578

    It's a brilliant game with one major flaw... It's written in Japanese!

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