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  • Developer: Markus Rosse
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

The classic arcade game of Tetris designed to look like an old Game Boy version.

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  • Gohst

    We've played Tetris before. You have, I have, we all have. Most of the time, it doesn't change. Tetris is that old favourite which never grows old. Some versions aren't what we remember, some are more so. This particular one looks like a Game Boy version of the game and comes with various modes of play.

    In the typical version of play, you stack bricks in order to create "rows" and keep the screen perpetually clear. This is the version you know and love. It starts a bit slow, but around level six or seven, it ramps up before becoming insane at level nine. It feels a little unbalanced, but plays well.

    25 rows is an interesting version where you attempt to score as high as possible before clearing exactly 25 rows, as the name suggests.

    The game keeps track of high scores and has another mode of play, "survival". It looks nice, plays nice and for the incredibly small download, it is nice. Very nice.

  • Stratubas

    After all, it's just "Tetris". I like Tetris, but what I loved in it is the original soundtrack. This one has no sound at all. Very bad.

    I don't see the similarity between this one and the original GameBoy Tetris.

    The sound? No. The graphics? No. GameBoy paints each kind of brick with a different tone of grays, but this one confuses you by using the same color.

    No need to play this particular Tetris, you can certainly find a better one.

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