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  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A decent shoot 'em up, let down by one major flaw - no power-ups. Ultimately unrewarding.

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  • Moshboy

    Reflection is a nice looking shoot ‘em up which ultimately lacks the features that would have made it much better. This is a pity because it is on the verge of being quite good. Both the graphics and the sound are quite reminiscent of games such as Raiden, with lush, colorful, well drawn visuals, satisfying sound effects and an exciting soundtrack that changes, depending on the level and who you are battling. The difficulty level is also a reminder of the arcade shoot ‘em ups of old – it seems to require superhuman reflexes at times. Hardcore fans should get a kick out of this.

    Unfortunately with all its good points, it is let down one major downside – no power-ups. Any hardcore shoot ‘em up fan will tell you that there is no better feeling then working hard and finally managing to get a really nice power-up to demolish the enemies with. In this game, you start off with powerful weapons and you keep those same weapons the whole game. Firstly, this is unrewarding, not to mention boring, and secondly, it makes the game lose much the impact it could have had.

    Even though the game play is actually quite decent, with the usual array of enemies and end of level guardians you would expect in a game like this, all the game eventually amounts to is eye candy and there are other freeware shoot ‘em ups that look at least this good, if not better.

    Don’t get me wrong – this game is definitely worth a good look. Just don’t expect it to hold your attention for an awfully long period of time, especially without power-ups to reward your hard efforts.

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