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  • Developer: steinware
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A super-simple and not very good game, whose influence was possibly Space Invaders.

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  • Gohst

    What do you get when you combine horrific graphics with slow game play and difficult controls? It's a game! And its not very good.

    Basically the "story" involves a triangle who shoots dots at circles. Watch out, though, because the circles are fast and are crafty. You are neither. Your ship moves as if it is the Good Ship Pile-of-Treacle.

    It is actually quite painful to move in the game. If you hold down the arrow key, it will take a moment to register that you want to go fast in that direction. By then, the enemy has moved and you're suddenly shuttled into empty space.

    But by far the worst part is the controls. However painful the graphics are to look at, and the gameplay is to control, they don't cause you physical pain. The controls do. Using the num-pad, the left-right controls are 4 and 6, while shoot is 0. Using one hand forces you into some sort of crippling monkey-claw, while using two hands causes your fingers to criss cross, ending up a tangled mess.

    You can only justify a download of this game if you have the intention of coming back to write a user review. Otherwise steer clear - there is no reason to play this thing. I'm not kidding.

  • Haagsta

    After reading Gohst's review, I though, "How terrible could this game possibly be?" I downloaded the game and ran it. Oh, the horrible noises emitted by my computer! The game made PC noises, but it still had some little nuances; it gives you a life for every ten kills you get on an enemy. It also has a lot of bad things, such as the slow controls and impossible-to-kill enemies that appear right at the bottom. However, after playing the game a while, I realized that it mainly was a reaction game... it tests your reaction time and judgment based on where the enemy appears. When I died, the game also informed me (in some other language) that it was an attempt of a remake of an old-as-dirt game... so for what it set out to re-create, I think it accomplished its job. This is why I don't rate it as terrible, but it could be SO much better with a lot more work.


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