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RunMan: Going Coconuts Download

  • Developer: Cool Moose Productions
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
RunMan: Going Coconuts

Oh, no! RunMan is stuck on a desert island… the only way off? Running fast and jumping obstacles, of course!

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  • Gohst

    In what is, quite possibly, the strangest of the strange RunMan games, we find our favourite yellow star marooned on the sandy shore of a distant island hide-away. Of course, the easiest way off the island is to do what you do best – run and jump. Good on him.

    In the first of three games, RunMan dons his tried-and-true star power and jumps randomly placed objects as he runs faster after each one. However, differing from the original control scheme, he has changed from jumping/rolling to jumping a short distance high and jumping a long, low distance. The change in mechanic sees the games difficulty unintentionally soar as the jumps alter the speed which he is running – the high jump is also a slow one and the low jump is taken quickly which can throw off your timing in a big way.

    Though the game play is still there and it is still incredibly fun, sticking with it is the key, as after forty successful jumps RunMan decides an easier way off the island is to smash crabs with a mallet. This ever-so-slightly Asteroid-style mini game is horribly addicting and completely hilarious and is wholly worth the investment in time to get there. Finally RunMan surfs to freedom all the while avoiding sharks.

    Re-connecting with what made the series unique and stand-out, Going Coconuts is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Not quite as compelling or as revisitable as the original, this offers a not too different setting for some unique game play. Enjoy.

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