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RunMan's Monster Fracas Download

  • Developer: Cool Moose Productions
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
RunMan's Monster Fracas

RunMan is running and jumping again. This time, help him escape the jaws of a giant monster!

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  • Gohst

    Oh, RunMan, when will you ever grow up? Your campy, squiggly lines were once amusing. Your non-stop run to the right side of the screen is always entertaining but when, oh, when, will you introduce danger into your game?

    The answer to that question has come. RunMan’s Monster Fracas is yet another instillation in the RunMan franchise from one-man developer Tom Sennett of Cool Moose Productions and it doesn’t disappoint. This time Run Man can actually stop. That’s right, dead in his tracks. It’s even possible for him to go backwards, though not a lot of fun will be derived from that aspect of the game.

    The updates here are plain to see – the world inhabited by our favourite small golden star is very pretty in this version, eschewing the messiness of the old graphics and adding (kind of) smooth inclines, slopes and strange yet usually quite happy obstacles. You will get a chance to see a lot of it all, though it will not be a time to smell the roses. You see, for some reason, a giant pointy-toothed mouth-monster is after RunMan and he needs to run, jump, and even slide his way out of danger.

    A different type of RunMan game – one which introduces an enemy – sees our hero mature ever so slightly. Will he ever grow up completely? We sure hope not. Stay true RunMan, and run on.

  • Happy Racer LSB

    This game has so many engaging characters! The cactus, the snakey rock, and of course, Mister Monster. The timing is intuitive and RunMan's diminutive, death-defying stunts create some serious action and drama.

    The slide feature is just what RunMan needed. And it's a real playground out there! The music is a great match to the graphics - both deliver with simple satisfaction. With that theme RunMan could be our next pop culture star!

    No muss controls make easy restarts lessen the pain of defeat. All I can say is watch out for night fall when Mister Monster gets really hungry!


  • Anna Popplewell

    This is the funniest randomest game ever. No one cares about the squiggly lines.

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