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Smashset Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A nice twist on the old Break-out formula. This is one of the more original and addictive clones you will find.

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  • Moshboy

    Smashset is a Breakout clone. Fortunately it is a rather decent Breakout clone, with lots of nice little twists added to the well known formula. For starters you play the game from an isometric 3D angle. Add this to the fact that the bricks are ‘stacked’ and you have yourself a deeper game then you might think.

    The graphics are stylish, bright, colorful, well drawn and well animated, with some neat effect thrown in for good measure. You really couldn’t ask for anything more from the graphical side of the game. It is, essentially, as good as it can be for the type of game you have in front of you.

    The sound effects are loud and the soundtrack is fast and bouncy, which suits the game perfectly. However, the soundtrack does become a tincy bit repetitive after a little while, as good as it is. As with most soundtracks, it is of relatively short length (you can’t ask much more game which can be downloaded for a few megabytes).

    The gameplay stands head and shoulders above every other aspect of the game, even the graphics, as flawless as they are. At first the isometric angle seems odd (as do the keyboard controls since most games of this type are controlled with the mouse) but after a little bit of getting used to, it is no more difficult then your average Breakout clone. There are warps scattered around each level, various power-ups (and downs) to collect and ‘stacks of bricks’ which all add extra depth, playability, enjoyment and challenge to the game.

    Those who play a lot of freeware games would realize that there are an awful lot of Breakout clones floating among the freeware directories. There aren’t too many that stand out from the crowd. This one stands above most and also has its own brand of originality to boot. Highly recommended.

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