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Stupid Pete Download

  • Developer: cinnamon interactive
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Stupid Pete

A fun platform game similar to Donkey Kong

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  • Gohst

    Stupid Pete puts you in the place of a person named Pete. His girlfriend has been kidnapped and you have to rescue her. Thus your great quest upwards begins.

    The game is not very flashy, in fact, the graphics are quite dull. There is nothing really all that great to look at and really, it's quite lacklustre.

    The game play is unfortunately held back by the graphics. Because your character is a tall person, jumping on one level will force you to hit your head on another level. Also jumping over things is difficult because of how close you need to be to them.

    There is no music and what little sound there is, is delegated to strange little things which pop onto your screen while you are playing. These objects, while potentially humorous, happen to miss their mark.

    Stupid Pete is a game almost worthy of its name. I get the feeling it could have been much more but as it stands: this is a pretty shoddy sort of game.

  • Zero

    You play Pete who, as his name implies, is stupid, His stupid girlfriend has been kidnapped by the Boogieman. It is now up to you to save her.

    Stupid Pete is based on the same idea as Donkey Kong. You start at the bottom and must make your way from platform to platform to the top avoiding all the barrels rolling down.

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