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The Swarm Download

  • Developer: Experimental Gameplay
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The Swarm

Short on gameplay but a unique concept that is done with such style that it is impossible to ignore. Hilarious.

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  • Moshboy

    The Swarm is yet another oddball game from one of those whacky guys at Experimental Games. It is an extremely unique concept that is pulled off with exceptional quality. Basically it involves controlling a swarm of creatures (presumably wasps or bees or something of the sort) and attacking civilians that walk on the street below. If there was ever a hilariously chaotic game, this is it.

    Graphically, as with most of Experimental’s Games, the game has its own unique style that you probably won’t have seen before. It isn’t quite cartoonish but far from realistic and quite hard to describe. Trust me when I tell you that the graphics more than serve their purpose. They are one of the highlights of the game and help heighten the gameplay’s impact quite considerably, as does the animation, which is absolutely hilarious (there is something insanely funny about watching a frail body go flying through the air and landing on the ground with a thud).

    The sound adds to the hilarity, with an oddball soundtrack and various screams and moans coming from the citizens below as you maul them and send them flying in bloody heaps.

    The gameplay is what counts and even though this game can’t lay claim to being long on gameplay, the gameplay it DOES have is extremely polished and will entertain for as long as you are prepared to play with this unique concept. The game is never-ending and the point seems to be to try and knock a citizen as high in the air as you can (if you knock a citizen high enough, they will land on the ground with a satisfying thud). The only gameplay element that the game actually involves is controlling the swarm with your mouse and swooping down on your unsuspecting victims. The gameplay is easy to pick-up and before long you will be mauling citizens left, right and center and laughing hysterically at the chaos below you. This can only hold your interest for so long. For this reason, the game could almost be looked upon as a gimmick but the concept is pulled off with such style that it is hard to just ignore this game.

    Will this game hold your interest for hours? Most likely not. But it will offer an hour or more of hilarity. It should be admired for pulling off a fairly thin concept as well as could be done.

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