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TetriBattle3 100% Download

  • Developer: Silent Hero Productions
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
TetriBattle3 100%

The interesting thing about this Tetris clone is the ability to have three simultaneous players on one über-wide board.

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  • Gohst

    For more than two decades nearly every facet of media has referenced, talked about or remade Tetris in some way or another. Many versions have appeared here on Acid-Play over the years, some of them have stayed true to the original form, others have added new and unique elements to separate them from the original. This is one of the latter.

    Even though this version keeps the basic principals of the game throughout its three different versions, this review will focus on the third version included within the game – story mode. Although there is no story that I could see, it is the most unique variation of Tetris that I’ve come across.

    In the story mode, you can play up to three people on the same computer, one with the keyboard, another with mouse and… well, there are only two options. But three can play at the same time, so… yeah. Anyway, it is immensely fun. The screen is super wide and blocks are dropping like rain fall. Not only do you challenge yourself to finish rows, but have the added difficulty of making sure your partner is working on the same row.

    Although the graphics are none too special and really, what can you expect? The boldness of the creators to go ahead and implement a co-operative Tetris is staggering and is well worth a play or twenty.

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