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Thrustburst Download

  • Developer: Umlautgames
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Guide the space ship carefully through the dangerous, narrow seemingly endless passage.

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  • Anonymous

    Graphics: This game does (as the Acid-Play review mentions) have great graphics, while preserving the old-school feel of the game that matches the gameplay. Its amazing to me how the "practice mode" looks exactly like what you would imagine a simulation of the game to look like. Basically, these graphics capture and enhance the game. They really bring it to life. [10/10]

    Sound: The sound on the game is kind of repetitive but not so much as to be annoying because the sound clips aren't harsh. They sound like... well Atari sounds or something. A retro videogame that you paid a dime for three lives or something. Although they aren't great, I don't think they were meant to be, and they also enhance the feel of the game. The music is... well, I'll just say it's a good thing you can have another program running music in the background with this game. Not very original music, but definitely "classic". [6/10]

    Gameplay: Yes, the most important (to me, at least) part of the game. This game follows an amazing learning curve. You can play it with or without the story (which comes in the readme, along with other information that I found out myself after 5 minutes of playing. This game is pretty self-explanatory). When I started I figured the cave was only 10 or so kilometers long. Now I know its past 25 and I'm guessing around 40. My only gripe with this game is that it is insanely difficult. Sadly, you can't block bullets with your shield. But then, if the game was too easy, it'd be no fun and no challenge, right? Anyways, it logs your stats so you can laugh at the time when you (yes, you will sometime) crashed into the cave mouth. Excellent and very original retro gameplay. [10/10]

    Overall: Yeah, this game is great with a classic (with better graphics) feel too it. If you press spacebar you don't have to watch the launch animation. It's also tiny, so you have NO EXCUSE not to download it!

  • Gohst

    This game was based on the recently reviewed Urthwurm which is a good thing, considering how fun that was. This version updates the graphics, mode of play and adds enemies along the way.

    The first thing you'll notice with this game (especially when compared to Urthwurm) is the graphics. They're amazing. Just take a look at the way the light bounces around the enemies bullets as they fly through the air. Or illuminates a rock face to differing degrees depending on how close you are to it.

    Apart from the cosmetic side of the game, the ship moves completely differently. Instead of just controlling the vertical axis, you can - hence the name - thrust, which gives you a burst of speed. Imagine that. Using this extra, along with the vertical movement, you can manoeuvre pretty well through the caves, around the bullets and so on, to eventual, hopeful freedom.

    It's an excellent update which not does the source material justice, but also proudly stands on its own two feet.

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