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Urban - The Cyborg Project Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Urban - The Cyborg Project

In this gruesome tale, it’s your mission to shoot everyone and everything in site.

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  • Gohst

    Urban is about a commando, half robot half human who has a grudge, a big grudge. Equipped with his gun, he blasts through levels with mindless glee and with your help, can reach the end of his mission.

    The graphics are bloody. There’s blood everywhere. On the walls, on the people, everywhere. Though it's not excessive this point alone would alienate the squeamish players among us. Apart from that though, the graphics are quite nice.

    The game play is pretty linear though. Just go in, shoot your way though anything and hope for the best. And there’s not much hoping to be done. It’s pretty easy to shoot anything. Especially the trained army troops, who you can run behind and shoot then when they turn towards you, you run over to the other side and shoot them again. As fun as that is, it wears thin after a while.

    As for music and sound, there was a control which read “music level” and “sound level” and even with them turned all the way up, I could not hear a peep from the game.

    So in closing, if you like gore, destruction, explosions and bloody mayhem, enjoy. If not, maybe you’d like a more “friendly” game, like Maku Maku.

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