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Virtual Lawn Mower Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Virtual Lawn Mower

This is a superb game that is loosely based on snake. The objective of this game is to mow over bugs. Yes, really.

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  • Pixie

    Who knew that mowing the lawn could be so much fun? In this game you have a lawn to mow (yes, really). In that lawn there are multitudes of tiny bugs that are just begging to be mown over. So what is your mission in this game you ask? Well it should be obvious. To mow over as many bugs as you can of course!

    Before you begin on your bug-squishing adventures, you get to choose your weapon of choice. There are three lawn mowers to choose from, each with different qualities (i.e. speed and acceleration). Then the annihilation begins, and it's every bug for itself.

    This game is loosely based on snake. For every bug you mow over you get a link added to a chain that follows your lawn mower. In each level there are a certain number of bugs that you have to mow over before you can move on to the next level. Every level gets slightly harder with the addition of rocks that you must avoid to prevent your mower from being damaged. You should also avoid the chain that follows your mower. However, your lawn mower is able to withstand a certain amount of abuse, which is certainly a good thing.

    This game has excellent graphics, good sound effects (squish that bug!) and great background music. The lawn mower is extremely easy to control, and the bugs are quite difficult to mow over. So I'd say that this superb game, based on such a simple and original idea, is definitely worth downloading. Even if its just to satisfy your bug-squishing urge (c'mon there's no denying it).

    This game was entered into the 2004 Game Programming Competition held by The Game Creators and was created by Amanda Patterson and Benjy Wright using Darkbasic Professional.

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