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Wire Hang Redux Download

  • Developer: Matt Sephton
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Wire Hang Redux

Wire Hang Redux is a platform jumping game where you use your grappling hook to go through as many levels as you can

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  • Steven Cook (Moshboy)

    Wire Hang Redux is a simple, yet fiendishly addictive game. The aim of the game is to propel your cute female hero up as many platforms as possible, which is done with - *drumroll* you guessed it - a wire. This game has no storyline and is controlled with a mouse.

    At first, the game does seem frustratingly unforgiving (the platforms can not be landed on) and all but the most skilled players will not last an awfully long time. But if you are patient enough to master the controls and timing, it quickly becomes a case of 'Let me try - just once more,' even if it means bettering your score by only a fraction.

    However, the game does have some downsides. Firstly, it is played within a small window - hence while the graphics are adequate, they are quite tiny and hard to make out. Ultimately, they do serve their purpose but it would have been nice to have a full-screen mode option. Secondly, there is hardly any sound - just a couple of measly sound effects and no music. This is dissapointing - but it really doesn't do a lot to hinder how decent the game is.

    In the end, it's the gameplay that counts, and while the game may lack any complex features, the level of addictiveness more than makes up for it. Thumbs up.

  • Mr mike

    Wire Hang Redux is a remake of the game "Wire Hang", the object of this game is to see how many levels you can jump through without falling.

    Like its predecessor, Wire Hang Redux is very simple and to the point. When running the game you are presented with a typical arcade welcome and from there you simply click to start. Basically the only control you'll ever use in Wire Hang Redux is your left mouse button.

    Game play of Wire Hang Redux is much like the infamous Icy Towers game, but instead of the ground raising, the challenging part is that you cannot land on the platforms, you can only use them to swing yourself up! But dont be mislead and think that it sounds easy, once you've swung from a platform your grappling hook lets go and you start falling!

    After playing Wire Hang Redux for the first time I found it was quite difficult and was not too amused by it, but after a few times it does become quite addictive.

    Graphics are dissapointing and there are no sound effects, but for such a small game its worth a try.

  • Aerofox

    Wire Hang Redux is one of those games that are simple and boring in theory but original and fun in action. It's unique in a way that usual arcades aren't. First off, it's simple: all you use is the mouse and the idea is easy to grasp yet it's challenging at the same time. Secondly, the visuals aren't astounding but they fit the game well. The wire aiming system could have been better though, to where can point and click where you want the wire shot, but that might be part of the challenge. The game is also very small in size. (448KB!) Definitly worth a try!

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