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Made in Wired

A fast paced game, which switches between different shoot 'em up styles every few seconds.

  • Genre: Action

Letters Rush

A typing tutor style game with lots of beetles who have letters on their backs.

  • Genre: Puzzle

Steel Mammut

You're in the charge of a giant machinegun weilding steel mammoth What else do you need to know?

  • Genre: Action

The Great Machine

A dark and gripping not-for-children choose your own adventure style

  • Genre: Adventure

Friendly Air Bubbles

A simple little game which involves a bubble who collects other bubbles. Challenges slowly build throughout the levels.

  • Genre: Arcade

Ghost Expert II

I'm not kidding - this is the most ridiculously, hilariously bad game ever. Play it only to laugh at it.

  • Genre: Action

Horace and the Spiders

Poor Horace has a long way to go before reaching the treasure room, and those nasty spiders want to stop him!

  • Genre: Arcade


Why did the chicken push the boulder? Because it was in this Sokoban variant, of course.

  • Genre: Puzzle

Karoshi 2

The sequel to the buisnessman killing game Karoshi with more levels, an editor and more.

  • Genre: Arcade

Nowotnik Puzzle

Think of it as being kind of like a flat Rubix Cube, even if that won't help you solve it.

  • Genre: Puzzle