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Smoke Attack 2

A very solid game that is probably a little too similar to the first in the series, gameplay wise.

  • Genre: Action

CodeRED: Alien Arena

A totally free online 3D multiplayer deathmatch game which some say is the best first person shooter ever.

  • Genre: Action
  • Tags: Alien, Shoot Em Up

Silencer 2

Run riot in this GTA-like game

  • Genre: Action

Need For Kill

A 2D Quake III Deathmatch game

  • Genre: Action
Tarzan: Guardian Of Earth

Tarzan: Guardian Of Earth

An excellent game where you take control of Tarzan

  • Genre: Action

The Snowball Fighter

Here we have another weird game, in that the aim is to pelt your opponents with snowballs

  • Genre: Action

I Wanna Be The Guy

Don't click this link. Don't play this game. It is way, way too hard to play.

  • Genre: Action

AWOL - A Wasting of Life

AWOL is a birds eye shooter. Your task is to help your team eliminate the opposite teams tickets before they eliminate yours, or you!

  • Genre: Action


Molez is similar to Worms except for the fact that you are a mole and it is not turn based

  • Genre: Action

To Kill A Mocking Nerd

And the award for “The Absolute Greatest Game Name of All Time” goes to…

  • Genre: Action