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The Euchmich Legacy Download

  • Developer: Michi
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The Euchmich Legacy

Play as a deadly pirate hell bent on destruction of others and ruthless pillaging of cities.

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  • Gohst

    Arr, we here at Acid-Play admit to being a bunch of scurvy land lubbers who’d sooner walk the plank then set foot aboard a floating vessel. That’s why we love pirate games so much. Not only are they good almost all of the time, they let us live our secret dreams of donning an eye patch, bunging on a wooden leg, coating the shoulder of our jackets in parrot droppings and sneaking into “Arr Rated” movies.

    The Euchmich Legacy is not a let down. As the story goes, your ancestor was the most fearsome pirate known in all the fifteen seas. Euchmich the Loathsome managed to conquer as far as the eye could see. In his wake, many large cities have sprung up in an effort never to let another pirate gain as much power as he. This is where you come into the story.

    It’s all aboard your ancestors’ ship in an effort to restore glory to your families’ name. Can you do battle with the fifteen other pirate ships while simultaneously conquering all the known lands and not letting your crew starve or your cannon ball supply dwindle?

    Fortunately there is not a lot of stat-checking to keep track of. The four difficulty settings are largely the same – your main interest is cannon balls, you need these to destroy cities, so you can keep your crew fed and paid. On easy, supplies are easy to come by – the nearest conquered town will do – but on very hard mode, you’ll be lucky to have more than a plank to float on, unless you’re true pirate material.

    As a pirate, you must conquer the cities. If you conquer all the cities in a sea, you gain control of said sea. Conquer all the seas and you win the game. To do this, shoot many cannon balls until they surrender and hand over all their goods. Enemy cities (which you need to attack) have a red health bar. Your cities are green. When the green bar is full, stocking up at that port is available by crashing into the city. You’ll know if you’ve done it when four lots of numbers spring up, they tell you what you’ve pillaged.

    Over the course of the game, you’ll manage to get loads of upgrades from various cities. These include: better crew members for rowing (to go faster), or to man the crows nest (which lets you see further), more cannons for your ship and basically more storage for more crew, more food, more ammo and more gold (what, no women? Arr!).

    So hop aboard the good ship Euchmich and set sail the seas of a great pirate game. Over all, this is more than worthy of a play, even if ye aren’t a salty sea dog… or something. Y’arr! Play the game, blackheart. If ye don’t may an albatross hang from yer neck fer years to come!

  • Monk

    The freeware version of Sid Meier's Pirates, and we all know free = awesome!... Yarr!

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