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Riesling Download

  • Developer: Contralogic Productions
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

This retro arcade shooter features sharp graphics, excellent sound and healthy fruit.

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  • Gohst

    Based on Sega’s “Fantasy Zone,” this mouse-controlled shooter relies on your cunning and dexterity to defeat the enemies through the waves and onto the glory of the high score board. Or, fast-track your way to the top by collecting the fruit which bursts forth from the enemies you destroy.

    The graphics in this game are subtle, smooth and exactly what they need to be. Even the horizontal old-school TV lines are there, and you can adjust the level of their frequency.

    The control is done entirely with the mouse and thanks to the option to change its sensitivity, you can hone your ability to control it down to your specific comfort zone. The down side is that it’s difficult to get used to at first. Turning, slowing and heading in the opposite direction are all done with the same device – the mouse. That means if you want to turn, you may find yourself simply slowing down and still facing the same direction. Hence, custom controlling the mouse sensitivity.

    Once you’ve played it three or four times, control becomes less of an issue as the enemies’ difficulty ramps up in the later levels, pitting you against increasing numbers of and increasingly difficult enemies. On the whole, the game is small enough to download quickly and enjoyable enough to play for a good while. Enjoy Riesling.

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