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Smoke Attack Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Smoke Attack

Smoke Attack is an anti-smoking game made for the Swiss Federal Office of Health.

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  • Zero

    Smoke Attack is an arcade game in which you play an anti-smoking hero called Oxy.

    Your goal is to convert all smokers into non-smokers. You patrol through various different levels of office blocks and blast all the weird cigarette smoking creatures with your oxygen gun. You need to be careful though because they are out to get you by shooting cigarettes at you.

    Each office block contains plenty of special ammunition pick-ups and hidden areas. You need to collect different color key cards along the way to gain entrance into different parts of each office block. Each level is completed after converting all the smokers into non-smokers.

    The graphics of the levels and characters are very well done and the sound is equally good. Smoke Attack is good fun and it's worth giving it a try. Plus it's nice to a see freeware game with a good message.

  • Seen mario

    This game is really fun.

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