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Storm Caliber Download

  • Developer: ssp
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Storm Caliber

Another addictive shooter from Japan, the object of which is to blow away the enemy ships!

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  • Sam Palmer

    Storm Caliber is a unique arcade-style space shooter. At the first glance, it appears to be unoriginal and generic, but it actually has some interesting features and a great soundtrack to hold your attention long enough to beat the game.

    The controls are the same as most other Japanese games -- the cursor keys (arrows) are used for movement, while the Z and X keys are used for firing and launching bombs. Unlike other shooters of this genre, the idea behind Storm Caliber is to actually get hit. The ships have automatic self-defence mechanisms that launch special types of bullets at nearby hostiles. These special bullets increase the score multiplier every time they hit enemies, but they are limited. A bar in the top-right corner of the screen shows the amount of these bullets remaining, and it will increase after a certain amount of idle time, while the bar at the top-right shows the magnitude of the current score multiplier (empty means 1x, yellow means max). Players are supposed to allow bullets to just touch the edges of the ship to fire self-defence bullets, but a bullet too close to the middle of the ship will decrease the strength of the shield. Watching the replays that come with the game makes it easy to understand how the game should be played. This feature is what makes the game unique.

    There isn't really much to say about this game's graphics. The bullets fired by the enemy have minimal variety, but the overall quality of the display is more than satisfactory.

    Like the graphics, the sounds used in Storm Caliber are satisfactory, but not spectacular. The music, however, is quite nice.

  • Gohst

    In this frantic shooter from Japan, you take control of a space ship and blast off with jillions of bullets and it’s your mission to completely demolish the enemy forces!

    The graphics in this game, as far as I could see through the hail of bullets, were good. The ships coming in waves at you all looked distinct and individual, as were the method in the way they attacked, which is really cool.

    The game play is wild and very, very frantic. It’s just basically hold down shoot, cover the entire screen in bullets and hope to dodge the enemies ammo long enough to make a dent in the high score board.

    As far as I could tell, there was neither music nor sound effects, but that doesn’t matter, the game has enough game play value to make it worth playing, rather than relying on music to draw you back to the game.

    So, in closing, this game is great fun. It’s fast, furious, and highly addictive. I recommend this game to you.

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