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Street Fighter 2 Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Fighting, Remake, Street Fighter
Street Fighter 2

A remake of the classic fighting game - Street Figther 2.

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  • Xero

    Street Fighter 2 is where the entire 2D fighting genre started pretty much, it's only other competition was the just as good King of Fighters series from SNK.

    It's influence on the gaming community is astronomical, and as such deserves its rightful place as a legendary game. The control system is intuitive, but to get the most out of it on PC you should own a joypad as the keyboard does not give the game justice.

    The fighting system has arguably never been bettered, only improved with time by the Capcom development team. The graphics are understandably fairly basic by todays standards, especially when put side by side by Guilty Gear and the VS series, but for the time were amazing, with parallax scrolling and clipping that actually worked (a first for the beat 'em up genre).

    To deny yourself from playing this game because of a few poor reviews from people who obviously have not wasted much of their younger lives to the mastering of this game, would be a shame. If you use MAME or any other emulator then your very naughty, but see if you can download some of the other versions too, as different versions of the game introduced new characters and fighting styles. But for the time being download this now, persevere, never use guile, and you'll fall in love. Brilliant.

  • Zero

    Street fighter II was one of the most classic arcade fighting games of the ninety's.

    You have a selection of 8 players from all around the world from which you must choose 1 to play as. Then compete against all the other players, one at a time until you have defeated them. There is also a 2 player option so that you can compete against your friends.

    Each player has their own special moves or powers that can be performed by pressing different key sequences. These include fireballs, special kicks and many more. You will need to experiment with different keys to figure these out.

    While the graphics and sounds aren't as smooth and crisp as some newer games, they are identical to the original Street Fighter which only benefits the gaming experience.

    Street Fighter II works perfect in Windows 98 & XP, but Windows 2000 users may experience some problems.

  • Sascha Bryl

    This is possibly one of the best games I have ever played.

    Street Fighter is a one on one combat game with various players who each have their own way of fighting and their techniques, not to mention special moves. It is on Super Nintendo and the two battle modes are multiplayer, one on one and championship were you beat the normal players then go to verse the bosses you can choose you’re difficulties.

    Although Street Fighter 2 is an arcade game and I think that you should get a hold of it no matter how. Well that’s what I got to say about Street Fighter, best game ever! 11 out of 10! Oh and Ken is the best.

  • Shockedfog

    The people who did reviews before my one clearly don't know Guile from Street Fighter 2. For his Sonic Boom, hold back for 2 seconds the press forward + punch and you get a boomerang shaped projectile. All this game allowed was a punch, pathetic.

    I pressed punch, got a punch, I pressed kick, I got a punch. What the heck is that, this game could be the best freeware game in the world for all I care but I will not recognize it as Street Fighter 2, it isn't.

  • Madihah

    This is a great game! Due to the fact that it's on the computer and my computer is getting slower and slower, I thought it would be rubbish. But the characters move much faster than I expected. I am one of the hugest fans of Street Fighter in the world. The only problem is that I don't know how to do any moves, apart from my favourite character Chun-Li's Lightning Kick.

  • Doombringer

    First of all I totally agree with happydragon and shockedfog, if you two are reading this you guys have the right idea. The only reason I didn't give this
    a 'unplayable' is because of the street fighter 2 graphics. If you want, you may give this a try but you will soon be erasing any trace of this game off your hard drive, if you are sane of course.

  • Adnan Ahmed

    It's a very slow game. Players move really slow and except for Zangeif, it's quite hard playing with the other players. It does not even contain much players either. Only 8.

    It's lowest number of players ever that could be found in a fighting game. But for some reason I quite like this game.

    So download it!

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