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  • Developer:
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Wormux is an excellent free, open source clone of the classic Team17 hit: Worms.

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  • Gohst

    Back a while ago when 2D was all the rage, a little game burst onto the scene called Worms. It was a huge hit. Blasting away tiny worms with massive cannons was somehow what everyone had been craving. Since then it has made unsuccessful attempts at three dimensions, but has stuck in the public psyche as a still awesome game.

    Wormux successfully recreates the originals feel and charm while giving you the linearity to play it on whatever system you have and the freedom of the open source movement. Great, great and, um, great.

    There are more weapons here than really makes sense. It’s not clear how they can hold them all, but the fun of it is not caring. Using dynamite, sniper rifles, Tux the Penguin, and all manner of assorted insanity the goal is to blast, squash, inject, smack or in other ways incapacitate and decimate your opposing team.

    The graphics are excellent, the sound second to none. On the whole the game is undeniably fantastic. The only thing I feel uncomfortable with is the game seems to be a bit awkward when firing the weapons – however an update is just around the corner so I’ll hold my tongue on that for now.

    Successful, funny, honest, true, modern and retro all at once, Wormux is a game that you should not refuse to play.

  • WaliWorld

    I am very surprised at how well Wormux emulates the Worms idea, However that is where the copying ends and Wormux's incredible evolution into into its own idea begins, with more insane weapons, more outrageous maps and more quirky avatars than the original Worms ever had. However, Wormux's true sheen is in the fact that it captures Worms' fun and original gameplay, something I should make clear to those Worms purists out there, and adds gracefully to it. However, the game's full potential is yet to be utilized, considering that Wormux is still in its (late) alpha stages, 0.7.9 to be exact at the time of this writing. All things considered, even this unofficial release is a clear diamond in the rough to be greatly enjoyed; not for one, but for all.

  • Anonymous

    why do i not find Keyboard instructions in any of the game options, or in your reviews? Must i push random keys and combinations.

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